Langkawi Biennale 2016 Update!

Langkawi Art Biennale 2016, to be slated as one of the official international events in Visit Kedah Year 2016 – Schedule of Events. The event will be as follows :

Date : 16-23 November, 2016

Venue : Dewan Kencana, Langkawi Lagoon Resort, Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman

This biennial event will exhibit the many forms of art, mainly fine art, sculpture and installation art. Participants from 33 countries have confirmed their participation in this extensive exhibition.

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Langkawi Art Biennale 2016

Do you still remember our first ‘Migration’ in which 250 artists from 38 countries had congregated in the beautiful island of Langkawi?

The much-anticipated journey continues in Langkawi Art Biennale 2016. The all-encompassing theme in this coming event is called the ‘Exploration’. Moving forward with the ‘Migration’ theme from the 1st biennale, participating artists will settle down and experience Langkawi in-depth. Artists would be exposed to new discoveries of multifaceted cultures and religions, an endless array of local food, varying lifestyle of the inhabitants, and even the tranquil nature of the countryside and natural beaches.

This theme intends to elevate the awareness to be environmentally conscious, and standing up for our one and only Mother Earth. But before that, ask yourself. Are you seriously aware of the constant changes of your surrounding environment? Due to the escalating economic activities like excessive tree-cutting, these have led to numerous negative impact to the environment. Global warming and major disasters like earthquakes and massive flood are actually caused by humans’ reckless actions. The ‘Exploration’ theme in LAB 2016 will be expressed in canvases and sculptures, igniting the drastic need to safeguard our world, although torn between the choices of economic demands and the love for our environment.

Do you think that our event is only focusing on the sun, sea and sand enjoyment? You’ll be astounded as LAB 2016 will be one of the highly awaited international art events that promise even more artsy excitement for art lovers with masterpieces from local and international artists. The objective of this event is marking the presence in the calendar biannually for art enthusiasts and tourists from around the world to attend this event in Langkawi for an engaging experience of art.

By paving the way to continuously making Langkawi a new and sought-after international art destination, it is in hope to eventually form an international artist residence in the near future.

LAB 2016 is in the midst of process to collaborate with an island in Japan, with the intent to create works of art, full of surrealist sculptures and paintings. Guess which unique island that has gained international fame for its futuristic art and architecture?

In addition, there would be support from international artists in establishing an art exchange, such as China, Germany, Iran, India and Korea. Some highlights of the event would be the unique collaboration between Chinese brush painters from China and Malaysia. Also, a dedicated section will be showcased during LAB 2016 on the contemporary artworks of royalty and history of the Kedah state. Another eye-catching exhibition is the craftwork installation of an endangered local population. In fact, Peninsular Malaysia is the last stronghold of this dwindling species.

With the efforts of the organiser, LAB 2016 Art Tour Shuttle will begin cruising from the first to the final day of the art biennale. Tourists from participating hotels would be pampered with ease and convenience when they can hop into the shuttle to the venue for a fulfilling visit

Angkatan Pelukis SeMalaysia (APS) will be collaborating with the organisers of Langkawi Art Biennale 2016 (LAB2016), which are Yayasan Tunku Kassim (YTK) and ArtMalaysia.

APS was established on 6 July 1956 with the aim of bringing together artists and art enthusiasts in Malaysia. Amiruddin Ariffin (Vice-President – APS) will take the lead in this event, supported by Angkatan Pelukis Kedah (APK) and Langkawi Artist Visual Art Association (LAVAA).

Eye-Catching Landscape Art Paintings – Shechina Gloree

The term “Landscape” actually derives from the Dutch word “landschap,” which actually means land, scenery, scene, tract of land, etc. The origin of landscape art dates back to Greeks and Romans who paints scenery on their walls. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the tradition of scenic landscapes fell into decline and remained so until the 16th century. The real artistic meaning of the term “Landscape” came about in the early 1500s and is usually illustrated as “the art of depicting scenery.” The Netherlands was among the first places where landscapes art was popularized and come into action. In the west, the concept of landscapes grew very slowly. Nature was conventionally viewed as incorporating of isolated objects long before it was appreciated as scene or environment. In the east, this art reached extraordinary excellence as early as the 18th century.

Presently, landscape artwork is a very popular subject in the field of art. It refers to an artwork whose primary focus is forests, trees, rivers, valley, etc. Most of the art designs are developed with the use of oil paintings, watercolors, pastels etc, which give more attraction and pragmatism to the art. The blooming flowers, the twilight of the horizon and butterflies, the rising sun inclusively make the Landscapes, a beautiful art. According to Friedrich Schiller, a German poet, “Art is the right hand of nature. Thus the landscape being an inseparable aspect of nature is something, which is artistically represented and experienced.” Currently, night landscapes are enjoying wide popularity among the artists and art lovers. Artists in their art follow the best tradition of landscape paintings and combining the charm of the night.

Landscape art gives an opportunity to see and feel the whole world as people of ancient times did and as our contemporaries do. Landscape art is one of the most astounding forms of art that transports art collectors to another world, the world that is the mixture of the skilled artists’ work and the art lover’s imagination. There are thousands of online art galleries, which carry an array of beautiful art and paintings. You’ll find beautiful images which depict the basic instinct of mountains, valley, rivers and more. Throughout the history of art, hundreds of thousands of landscape paintings has appeared in art galleries worldwide, bringing fame to the artists. If you are looking for a beautiful landscape art, the first and the foremost step is to choose 100% hand-painted art by professional artists.

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Buying Fine Art on a Budget – Larry McGarry

Art collecting can often seem like the pastime of just the very rich, but with the right knowledge and a keen eye, you can start a contemporary art collection that enhances your home or portfolio on even the most modest of budgets.

1. Discover Your Preference

Art appreciation is totally subjective. With no hard and fast rules, an important first step on your journey should be to find out exactly what style you respond to. Browse your local fine art gallery or exhibition and find out which pieces draw you in.

2. Get the Back Story

Fine art is about more than just what’s on the page. Learning the history behind an artist can help inform your purchasing decisions and point you towards an items worth. If you’re buying face-to-face at an antique fair or local art dealer, quiz the seller on the items history; this may also reveal how much the seller knows about what they’re flogging.

3. Different Strokes

An important distinction to make is if the art is original or reproduced by mechanical means. Original art is often the most expensive because it’s one of a kind. This can come in the form of oil paintings, pen and ink drawings, watercolour paintings and more.

A Print, while not one of a kind, is also not considered a ‘copy'; this is because, typically, each print differs due to variables in the printmaking process. Prints, while still often commanding high asking prices, will nearly always be more affordable than original paintings.

Posters and reproductions are the least expensive way to collect, with no limit on the run of the item, meaning lower asking prices and higher availability. For the burgeoning collector, reproductions can be the most budget friendly and risk free method for expanding your portfolio.

4. Sourcing on a budget

Of course, this all means very little unless you can actually afford the item in question. Recent years have seen a revolution in the way consumers source and purchase fine art. Here are some of the avenues to consider:

Online Retailers: Sites such as eBay or Amazon offer extensive art collections, available internationally often at a significantly reduced price. It may however be difficult or impossible to view the item first hand before purchasing.

Contemporary Art Fairs: Events where dozens of artists get together to exhibit their work. These can provide a chance to speak and negotiate with the artist directly before buying.

Local Auction Houses: Can provide varied results and may require some digging before you find the gems.
Antique Art Fairs: A great source of 18th and 19th century art. May also require some careful digging but can be a good opportunity to negotiate and grab a bargain.

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MEA Award Winner Showcase 2014 MEA

MEA Award is a biennial competition that honours the most promising young artists in Malaysia. Its main goal is to recognize the country’s top emerging talents and to give them the opportunity to break into the local and international art scenes. It is a great platform for undiscovered talents to make a name for themselves, as it provides vital exposure at the early stage of an artist’s career.

photo of two way street

Two Way Street / 2014 / Acrylic on canvas / 96.5 x 61.5cm

The 5 artists with the highest number of votes from a panel of respected juries will receive cash prize, voucher for art materials, 10-day travel grant to a city in Southeast Asia and a showcase of their works.

photo of untitled

Untitled/ 2014 / Acrylic on canvas / 80 x 95cm

MEA Award 2013 is organized by HOM Art Trans and Galeri Chandan in collaboration with MAP@Publika and supported by 30 Artfriends, a loose collective of thirty Southeast Asian art collectors.

photo of day and night

Day and Night / 2014 / Acrylic on canvas / 94 x 86cm

photo of mea award artists

EA Award 2014

Ten artists emerged as victors in the inaugural awards. For 2009, the list of winners is Gan Chin Lee, Mohd Al-Khuzairie Ali, Mohd Bakir Baharom, Samsudin Wahab and Shaifuddin Mamat while for 2011; Chong Ai Lei, Siund Tan, Sun Kang Jye, Ng Swee Keat & Syahbandi Samat. For 2013, Sabihis Md Pandi, Shafiq Nordin, Ong Xing Ru, Cheong Tuck Wai, Hilal Mazlan were named as the winners. Not only they received cash and voucher prizes, but each of them also received a 10-day travel grant to neighborhood country and an all-important solo & showcase exhibition on the following year.

This year, the prizes are no less lucrative and five lucky winners will receive a cash prize, vouchers for art supplies, a 10-day travel grant to 2 cities in Indonesia, a showcase for all five winners and a solo exhibition in 2015 which will give them crucial exposure in Malaysian contemporary art scene.

photo of siapa kepala

Siapa Kepala? / 2014 / Woodblock & woodcut print on canvas / 244 x 244cm

With the Malaysian art scene growing at a rapid pace, awards like MEA truly offer emerging artists a chance to stand out, while audiences also benefit from the exposure of fresh talent, exciting ideas, and new artworks.

photo of supercow coming

Hooreyy !!! Supercow Coming !!! / 2014 / Acrylic & linoink on canvas / 186 x 238cm

photo of two generations

The Two Genarations / 2014 / Acrylic, burn, image transfer & paste on canvas / 150 x 95cm

photo of splashing moments I

Splashing Moments I / 2014 / Oil, acrylic, burn, transfer image & paste on canvas / 145 x 91.5cm

photo of splashing moments II

Splashing Moments II / 2014 / Acrylic, burn, image transfer & paste on canvas / 150 x 35cm /

photo of splashing moments III

Splashing Moments III / 2014 / Oil, acrylic, burn, image transfer & paste on canvas / 150 x 175cm

photo of say cheese

1, 2, 3 Say Cheese II / 2014 / Acylic, burn, image transfer & paste on canvas / 150 x 95cm

photo of mecha study

Mecha Study / 2014 / Electric motor, Steel cable, fibre glass & steel / 66 x 84 x 42cm

photo of flying fleet

Flying Fleet Second Revise I / 2014 / Electric motor, fibre glass, steel & steel cable / 145 x 22 x 74cm

photo of mecha

Mecha of Oblivion/ 2014 / Electric motor, fibre glass, steel & steel cable / 170 x 68 x 164cm /

Courtesy of Chandan Galeri